Building the Future

Innovative Opening Solutions

We build custom openings for commercial properties.  We are a pioneering presence in commercial openings, creatively combining products and services to better meet the extensive needs of all our project stakeholders.

Seamless Support

Our Integrated Operating System ensures seamless support across every project stage:  End Users, General Contractors, Architects, and Owners.  Choose the tab that best represents your position and see how we can help you.

At IOS, we believe the entity who created the vision should have a trusted partnership with the doors & hardware experts who provide a dedicated and educated approach within the scope. The Owner Rep will provide consultation in the design phase of your project to gain understanding. IOS remains committed to the owner throughout the life of the opening by keeping you informed of new and updated products, education for staff, and trends within the industry.

 IOS wants to partner with architects to help inspire their vision into fruition. We are backed by our guarantee and will offer a no-charge if able to write in a competitive specification. We write competitive specs that are concerned with code and owner preferences. The Architect Rep will partner throughout the duration of the project, and  provide  the appropriate tools and resources needed to succeed. 

IOS wants to partner with general contractors to help you build the building. Division 8 can be a coordination issue between doors/hardware, glass/glazing, access control, and etc. The General Contractors we work with love that we take ownership of our openings through the submittal process, pre-installation of door hardware, and delivery. The End User Rep emphasizes focus on each phase of the project from conception to completion.   

The End User Rep provides peace of mind to the Owner, ensuring their building will be built with end user’s as a priority. IOS is a trusted partner that offers all things necessary for your project. From access control to pre-install, we are a source for all things that revolve around a door opening. We cover it all with our industry experts with over 100 years of experience & and our commitment to the Owner. 

Door and Hardware

 We are a well-established commercial door and hardware supplier located in Cincinnati, OH. We specialize in wood doors, hollow metal doors/frames, and door hardware. IOS is committed to remaining true to our reputation as a preferred supplier by providing high quality products at competitive prices for your Division 8 needs! 



Glass and Glazing

Supported by our glass division United Glass & Automatics, IOS specializes in exterior and interior glass and glazing solutions for both new construction and large renovation projects. Our jobs can range from basic window applications to the most challenging curtain wall systems. We have long standing relationships with leading industry suppliers and a proven track record of successful outcomes.  

Access Control

IOS offers a variety of access control systems & services, including proximity cards, fobs, and keypads. Our system technicians provide solutions for organizations with many doors & employees seeking hard-wired systems. When dealing with access control, IOS strives for securing your facility and assisting in securing unique applications.

Video Surveillance

IOS can enhance your access control needs with video surveillance.  Now you can see who and when someone is on your premises.  Commercial surveillance ensures safety in a commercial workspace while at the same time protecting assets.

What We Do

Complete Opening Solutions

IOS is an ambitious, proven partner for your door and hardware, glass and glazing and access control needs.  All under one roof to provide seamless installation and minimal problems.  We are tireless and relentless, transparent and adaptive.  We deliver innovative opening solutions that advance the industry.